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If you like beer like I like beer, you've often thought about trying to make your own, but dismissed the thought - "It's too hard and too expensive".  WRONG!

Mr. Beer - In early 2012  I ordered a Mr. Beer kit, and it sat for months until I got off my duff to try it.  I made my first batch in July 2012, and sampled it before the end of the month.  Pretty good!  And this is with the recipe that came with it, which wass for a West Coast Pale Ale, which wouldn't be my first pick.  Fast forward 3 years, and I've brewed close to 200 gallons of beer!

How long does it take?  Well, to make my first batch it took about 30 minutes to do everything including cleanup.  It then brewed for two weeks in our pantry closet, and then it was time to bottle (into Mr. Beer's resealable plastic bottles).  That process took another 30 - 45 minutes, so in total I invested a little over an hour.  I brewed my first batch for two weeks in the keg and two weeks in the bottle.  I've since learned to follow the 3-4 rule.  3 weeks in the keg, 2 weeks in the bottle to carbonate, and 2 more weeks in the bottle to condition.  Then, only put in the fridge what you want to drink now, letting the rest condition some more.   

How much does it cost?  When you buy the initial kit, your outlay is in the $40 - $50 range, because it includes bottles and keg.  Refill kits cost as little as $11.54 on sale, up to $25 or so.  When I buy a 12 pack at the store it costs between $9.99 (Killian's) up to $15.00 (Sam Adams Cherry Wheat) plus tax.  That's for 144 ounces (12 bottles).  Mr. Beer refills cost between $6.50 and $14.58 per 12 pack depending on the batch, so you save money, sometimes a lot!  And you get a better beer!

Mr. Beer offers a selction of different kits, click here to learn more!

To learn more about Mr. Beer's different refills, visit my Mr. Beer page.

As you get into making your own beer, you'll learn that adding to Mr. Beer's recipes will yield a better beer.  And you may even decide to go into full blown homebrew, which takes more equipment and more work.  A great source for ingredients and equipment is Adventures in Homebrewing.

ADVENTURES IN HOMEBREWING - located in both Ann Arbor and Jackson, Michigan. Adventures in Homebrewing has been in business since 1999 and ships almost everywhere!   Make sure you join their Rewards program! They've got great articles on how to make beer, how to make lager and wheat beer, how to read a hydrometer , and more!


MrBeer Home Brewing Kits - Make a great gift!  Free shipping on select kits throught Christmas.