For users of TroopMasterŪ software, if you want to put your calendars on your website, I've created an easy process that allows you to add the calendar with lines on it. While TM makes nice calendars, and you can print them with lines, unless you want to scan them in there is no way to save them as files with lines (unless you own Adobe Acrobat).

However, you can follow these easy steps:

1) Download the 3 jpeg files below. These are images of lines for your calendars.

4 row calendar.jpg
5 row calendar.jpg
6 row calendar.jpg  

To download the files, simply right click on them and select Save As. 

2) In TroopMaster create your calendar (if you don't know how to do this, read your documentation or contact TM support). Click on the Save Icon, choose RFT, and answer "No" when it asks if you want to make the file narrower.

3) Open Word and retrieve the RFT file.

4) Determine how many rows the calendar has. Then, click on Insert, Picture, From File and insert either the 4 week, 5 week, or 6 week set of lines depending on the month you're trying to create.

5) Right click on the lines image in Word, then left click on Format Picture. Click on Layout, then Behind Text, then Ok.

6) Click on the lines, then move a little to the right, left, up or down to get it lined up with your day of week headings. Some activities might have descriptions that are too long and you will have to edit them.

7) Save the file and use it on your website.

Hope this helps you, and please use my website for your internet shopping.  Thank you!